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Via Europa 8, , Localita' Leccio, 50060

We had heard that Gucci was planning to expand its outlet store business but
boss Domenico Sole did not tell us how much when we asked last year. Since
fully or partly acquiring Yves St. Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani,
Loro Piana, and Sergio Rossi (high fashion shoes) they have expanded the
Gucci outlet store and included these other brands. More brands are said to
be coming (does that mean Gucci is on a buying spree?). Emporio Armani as
well as Armani are represented. Florence Information Centre: Tel:
39-055-8657775, 39-055-8657801, e-mail e-mail There's a nice snack bar on the

To get there by car from Milan or Rome: Take the A1 Autostrada towards
Florence and take the exit marked Incisa. Stay on your right towards
Pontassieve until you reach Leccio. Soon after passing the center of Leccio,
The Mall will be on the left.

By train: From the Florence' Santa Maria Novella station take the train to
Incisa, take a taxi from the station, it's about ten minutes to Leccio.

By Shuttle Bus Service: There is a daily service from Florence to and from
The Mall. For information and reservations please contact theinformation
centre. I'm told that the shuttle bus service does not leave much time for
shopping, so check first. Hours: Monday through Saturday: 9-18, Sunday 15-19.

RJ OUTLET (between Milan and Bergamo Via G.Galilei, 2, Orio al Serio
(Bergamo) opposite the airport. Tel: 39-035-4522316

This is a small mall but includes a lot of big names and is 25 minutes by car
from Milan. The owner buys end-of=season clothes from deluxe boutiques
throughout the north of Italy. Although he does not sell directly from his
web it serves to take a look at the merchandise that is being offered.
Available also in English. Some brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Armani
Blumarine, Cavalli, Chloe', Fendi, Gucci, L'Altra Moda, Miu Miu (Prada's less
expensive line), Moschino, Versace Couture. Hous: Monday 14-19:30, Tuesday
through Saturday 10-19:30.


Via della Moda 1, Serravalle

Located about halfway between Milan (80 kilometers) and Genoa (50 kilometers)
near the autoroute exit of Serravalle, from there follow the directions for
Novi, the mall appears after about two kilometers. The first discount mall in
Italy, Serravalle Srivia was built by a joint effort of BAA McArthur Glen and
Fingen Real Estate of Florence. The attractive architecture reflects the
local buildings, but buyers will be more interested in the shops, all run by
the manufacturers. Some 62 stores. Here are some names: Cacharel, Etro,
Marina Yachting, Nike, Bassetti, Stefanel, Sergio Tacchini, Samsonite,
Burberry, Armani, Valextra, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Levis. Other malls in
Italy planned are Barberino del Mugello (Florence), Rome, and a city in the
south. Discounts run from 30 to 50% but can increase during sale times.
There's a bar, restaurant, and play area for children. Hours: 10-19, June
through September 10-21. Tel: 0143-686003.

FOX TOWN (Switzerland)

Via Angelo Maspoli 18, 6850, Mendrisio, Switzerland

Just 2 kilometers over the border from Italy near Chiasso, take the Mendrisio
exit from the autostrada that goes from Como to Lugano. Or take the train
from Milan to Chiasso, and a taxi to Foxtown. Many important Italian brand
names are represented here. Open every day including Sunday from 11 am to 7
pm. Over 40 stores, each one carrying one brand including Gucci, Prada, Nike,
Diesel, Irge, Versace, Everlast, Facis, and Iceberg. Stores are operated
directly by each brand name. There's a cafeteria-restaurant, and even a
casino. Tel: 4191-6462111, Fax: 4191-6461181



Via Achille Barilati 8, tel: (071) 8071

Men's a women's clothes, end of season models.

Genny Moda

S.S. Adriatica 16, tel: (071) 8071

discounts up to 75% on womens clothes from previous seasons, large selection,
sizes up to 48 (16 USA).


Ermenegildo Zegna

Bolgheri, 31 Strada Trossi, Localit?Verrone, Tel: 015-255-8382


Strada Trossi 31, Verrone, tel: (015) 2558382, open 9 to 12:30, 14:30 to 19,
closed Monday

They have a good selection of clothe by Ermenegildo Zegna in fine fabrics.


Via Cesare Battisti 28, tel: 015-34141, open Monday 15-19, Tuesday-Saturday
9-12, 15-19

This well-known manufacturer of Italian sportswear has a factory outlet with
a large selection as well as a regular store next door, all with good
discounts. Ski wear, tennis wear, outerwear plus.

Centrovendita Elbi

Via Quintino Sella 9, (Valdengo), tel: (015) 881976

Knitters will find a large selection of yarn made by Crosa, one of the
biggest names. From 50 to 66% off. Hours are 9 to 12 and 14:30 to 19.

Guabello Spa

4 Via XXIV Maggio, Mongrand, Biella, tel: 015/256-5111

Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti

Via Cernaia 40, tel: 015-35911

Men's and women's classic clothes with 30% discount. They have cashmere, too.
Hours 9-12:30, 15-19.

Fred Perry

Strada Antica per Benna 1, (Verrone), tel: (015) 2558319. Open 9:15 to 12:30,
15 to 19, closed Monday morning

They also carry Ungaro, sportswear and other clothes mostly for women, but
some for men and children with discounts up to 80%.

BORGOSESIA (Near Novara)


Via Casazza 7, tel: 0163-202111, fax: 0163-202214

One of the best-known Italian manufacturers of woolens, this factory outlet
sells blankets and garments with slight flaws at 50% off retail price.



Strada San Matteo a/C Bra Tel: 39-0172-423636

Manufacturer of womens underwear

CARPI (Modena)

Tac Ceramiche Novita'

Viale del Commercio 21/b, tel: (059) 695969

Ceramics for the home and for gifts, made on the premises. Open 9 to 12:30
and 15 to 18.


Via Carlo Marx 131, tel: (059) 641365

All kinds of sportswear, chino pants, and aviation-related gear. Open Monday
through Friday 16:00-19:30, Saturday 09:00-13:00 and 16:00-19:30.

CASETTE D'ETE (Ascoli Piceno)

Diego della Valle

Corso Garibaldi 134, tel: (0734) 871671

On the autostrada for Aquila exit at Civitanova Marche, take the superstrada
for Macerata, exit at Montecesero, follow road to San Elipido, from there to
Casette d'Ete. This factory outlet shop carries the Tod's sport shoes for men
and women as well as the women's lines Deva and Diego Della Valle, discounts
up to 50% on last season's shoes. Be sure to try on the shoes and check
carefully, I got a pair with a defect and fortunately was able to exchange it
but you won't if you discover it when you get home!Hours: Monday through
Friday 17-19:45, Saturday 8:40 to 11:55 and 14:30 to 17:45.

CASTEGGIO (near Pavia)

Tanino Crisci Srl

Via Garibaldi 9, 27045, tel: (0383) 82254, fax: 805448

Closed Monday, open Tuesday through Friday 15:30-19:30, Saturday 9:30-12:30,
15:30-19:30, Sunday 9:30-12:30. Email: I must
add that I was thrilled when I found out there is an outlet store for my very
favorite shoes, which are classic and get better-looking as the years go by.
Men and Women's shoes.


Richard Ginori

Via Erasmo Piaggio 56, tel.: (0871) 560864 (See also Ginori, Florence)

This is one of Italy's most famous manufacturers of porcelain and ceramics.



Via Nazionale 3, (Vertemate), tel: (031) 901190

Silk is sold by the yard, you'll also find clothing. Don't ignore the
seconds. Hours: 9:30 to 12:30, 14 to 19:30.

Giorgio Armani

On the road to Bergamo at the crossroads of Vertemate and Minoprio, call for
more precise directions, tel: (031) 887373, has seconds from the Armani and
Emporio Armani collections. Dresses and suits from $ 85 to $ 450, skirts and
pants around $ 50.


Statale dei Giovi 3-5 (Casnate con Bernate), tel: (031) 564515

Large packages of cookies, lemon and orange juice, candies and various
sweets. Hours: 9 to 12, 15 to 19:15.

Emporio della Seta

Via Canturina 190, Como, tel: 031-591420

A good variety of the famous silk prints made in the Como area with fabrics,
scarves and shawls designed by such names as Genny, Ungaro, Lacroix, and many
others. Slightly flawed (but usually undetectable) at 40% discount from
retail prices. Examples: Scarf, $30, necktie $20. Even higher discounts in
July and January. (Guida)

Ratti Sete

Via Cernobbio 19, tel: (031)_233262, Open 9-12:30, 14-18

Beautiful silks for the home as well as name scarves and shawls, slight
defects, discounts to 40%. (Guida)

Scampoli e 1000 Cose Moda

Via Rimenbranze 4, (Como Breccia) tel: (031) 507186

Fabrics for home sewers, pre-cut, good prices. Hours: 9 to 12:30, 15:30 to


Gruppo Vestebene

Via S. Barbara 11, Alba, tel: (0173) 299311

Open 8:30 to 12, 15 to 19:30, closed Monday morning, also at Via S.
Margherita 23, Alba, tel: (0173) 299444, open 9 to 12:30, 14:30 to 19. This
factory manufactures women's wear for a large number of houses including
Daniel Hechter, and Krizia Poi.



Via Provinciale 5, tel: (0332) 624154



Via Garibaldi 10, tel: (0321) 865285



Reggello, Localita' Leccio, 50066

(This is the Gucci part of the Gucci Mall described at the top of the page.
Open Sunday, closed Tuesday, open at lunchtime. This large, spacious, modern
store has Gucci products from the previous seasons at 30 to 40% off. During
sales season (mid-January to mid-February and mid-July and August) savings
can be even higher. Examples: Scarves around $220, belts from $50 to $80,
Ties around $45, depending on the exchange. The sales people are very
friendly and helpful, and if you spend more than $ 150 you're entitled to the
"detaxe" if you take your goodies outside the European common market
adds another 20% savings. Crocodile handbags were around $ 1,200 and up,
wallets around $ 200, a real bargain! The Prada outlet is about a half-hour's
drive, worth hitting both stores if you're in the area. I'm going back to
both places as soon as possible to dmy Christmas shopping. There is a nice
snack bar on the premises.


Il Marchese Coccapani

Via Modena-Carpi 290 (Solera), tel: (059) 5683008

Go in the back to find young clothes for women at a huge discount, mini
skirts for $15, sweaters for $50.



S.S. 67, Via Aretina 63, Levanelle, 52025, tel: (055) 9789188 (you'll get a
recorded message in Italian giving the opening days and hours).

Most of the people at Prada including their press office are rather difficult
to deal with so the courtesy and attention of the sales people here was a
pleasant surprise. The spacious modern store is divided into men's and
women's sections as well as another Prada line, Miu Miu, and stocks clothes
and accessories from the past seasons. There are shoes just under $100
depending on the exchange and handbags from $160 to $300. Prices on some
items can be lower during sales tikmes, I bought a pair of classic Prada
moccasins for my daughter for $ 45, and fashionable high-heeled pumps with
square toes for $ 50, you can't beat those prices! My friend Suzy and I had a
delicious lunch at the snack bar which has sandwiches on fantastic bread and
other goodies. We were definitely not disappointed. The Gucci outlet (see
Montevarchi) is half an hour's drive from here.



Via Alessi 6, Omegna Crusinallo, tel: (0323) 6511

Also open Saturday. This factory makes designer kitchenware including that
famous teakettle with the little birdie in the spout. Articles with slight
defects come at a 40% discount and designers include Aldo Rossi and Richard
Sapper. (Guida)


Via Novara 71, (Oleggio), tel: (0321) 922450, open 9:30 to 13, 14:30 to 19,
closed Tuesday afternoon

There's a very large selection of raincoats, neckties, and other clothes from
names such as Aquascutum, Church's, Dunhill, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Les
Copains, and Ermenegildo Zegna. Discounts up to 50%.

Confezione MVD

Via Massimo d'Azeglio 16, Ghemme, tel: (0163) 840450, closed Tuesday, open
Monday through Friday 16:30 to 19:30, Saturday 9:30 to 12

Max Mara dresses, coats, and suits for women in a good variety of sizes.


Via IV November 39, Omegna, tel: 0323-652255

Everything for the kitchen in stainless steel including Italy's best
spaghetti pots, pressure cookers, cutlery (a 75-piece set for about $200) and
other goodies. (Guida)

Sergio Tacchini

Via Alba 6, Caltignaga (Europeo)

This Italian dresses most of the world's tennis stars, (Europeo)

Lanificio Luigi Colombo

Via Omar 1, tel: (0321) 623179

This looks like any sweater shop but it's a factory outlet for the most
luxurious cashmere sweaters and fabrics as well as coats, suits, pants,
scarves, shawls, and every kind of sweater. Colombo is the second largest
producer of cashmere fabric in the world and imports the raw material
directly from China. Among others, he furnishes Armani, Dior, Valentino,
Hermes, Versace, and Ferre. (Capital, Nov 93)

Via Italia

Via Italia 5, Domodossola, tel: (0324) 243025

Open from 8 to 12:30, 15 to 19:30. You'll find Trussardi and Levi's.


Via Belletti 10, tel: (0321) 4261, open 15-18, closed Monday

Clothes from Gucci, Romeo Gigli, and Callaghan.

NOVE (between Vicenza and Venice)


Via delle Ceramiche 76, tel: (0424) 75058

open 9 to 12:30, 15 to 19:30. Active sportswear at discounts up to 40%.

La Ceramica VBC

Via Molini 45, tel:(0424) 590026, fax: 829967

Open Monday through Friday from 8am to noon, 1:30 pm to 6pm, Saturday 8am to
noon. Both shops sell their ceramics to stores such as Bloomingdale's and
Macy's in the U.S. They specialize in platters, bowls, pitchers, and tea sets
featuring fruits, flowers and seafood decorations. Items are seconds but in
most cases you'll have a hard time spotting the defects.

Ceramiche Artistiche Ancora

Via Martini 26/28, tel: (0424) 590023 or 828210, fax: 829967

Open Monday through Friday from 8am to noon, 1:30 pm to 6pm, Saturday 8am to



Piazza Nino Colnaghi 1, tel: (039) 9515125

Underwear for men and women.

PADOVA (30 kilometers from Venice)

Tessuti Manfrotto

Via Andrea Gritti 36 (near Piazza Erbe) 35122, tel: (049) 655435

This is not an official factory outlet store, but definitely worth a visit.
Three brothers, Egidio, Alberto, and Francesco along with mother Adele sell
samples of silk, linen, velvet, and brocade in a vast cave like Ali Baba's,
every kind of fabric you can imagine including haute couture, sold at fire
sale prices. Examples: synthetic, 6,000 lire a meter, cotton 8,000 lire a
meter, linen 12,000 lire, and silk 13,000 lire per meter.


De Simone

Largo Niccolo` San Severino 24, tel: (091) 363190

Traditional Sicilian artistic ceramics with up to 30% discounts. Also
beautiful hand-painted tiles.


Fratelli Rossetti

Via Cantu` 24, 20015 Parabiago Milano, Tel: 39-0331-552226 Fax:

The line here ranges from classic to the current fashion, with good quality
and prices. Moccasins, boots, day and evening shoes. There are a number of
shoe factories around Parabiago so you may want to enquire about other brands
you like.


Conti Riso

Via de Scottis 12-26 (Candia, outside Pavia), tel: (0384) 74009

You're in the middle of rice country here, and that's what you'll find at
this factory store. All the varieties. Hours: Monday through Friday 14 to 18.


Big Bertha Cashmere (Fernando Ciai)

Via Dell'Industria 19, 06087 Ponte San Giovanni (on the road from Perugia to
Assisi, tel: 075-5997572, Fax: 5997573

This company has been making cashmere for over 30 years and sells mostly
through a catalog. Big selection of sizes, styles, and colors. They recently
opened a retail store in Rome near Piazza del Popolo. Open Monday through
Saturday 9-19:30, does not close at lunchtime.


Via Filippo Turati 22, Ellera Umbria (Perugia), Tel: 075-50391

Open Monday through Saturday, 9-13, 15-19:30. This factory outlet features a
top Italian sportswear brand with discounts of 40% on all the goodies. On the
Rome-Milan autostrada get off at Orte and take the superstrada for Perugia.
Get off at Corciano, the Elesse factory is 500 meters from the exit.



Via Montalbano 41, Casalguidi, tel: 0573-526462, Mon-Fri 9:30-12:30,
14:30-19, Saturday open mornings only

You can't get better than Pratesi for the most beautiful bed linens and
towels, even bathrobes. Seconds, but only an expert can find the flaws. I'm
still sleeping on sheets I bought 20 years ago.

POMEZIA (near Rome)


You'll find shoes, boots, accessories and clothes with the Timberland brand,
which has been considered a "must" for Italian youth for over fifteen


Loro Piana

10 Corso Rolandi, Tel: 39-0163-201807

Fine wools and cashmeres in fabrics and clothes for men and women.

RESCALDINA (near Milan)


Via Legnano 24, tel: (0331) 448512

Sheets, towels, bedspreads etc. for the home. (Also see listing under Milan
for description)


Via Olona 8/6, tel: (0331) 570111

Underwear for the whole family. They specialize in underwear and outerwear
for infants. Knitwear with defects is sold by the kilo. Hours: 9:30 to 18:20,
Saturday 9:30 to 12.



Via Gorizia 41-43, tel: (02) 9670-1021

For lovers of liquers, you'll find amaretti, limoncini, nocini, as well as
candies, gelatins, and marron glaces.


Ellesse (Sportswear)

Via del Sersimone 2, tel: 39-0744 300088


Piero Guidi

Via Provinciale-Schieti 184, 61029 Urbino Tel: 39-0722-59086, Fax: 594005

Handbags and leather accessories, angels are a favorite motif.


Bellora Giuseppe

Via Cantu` and Via XXV Luglio 11, Fagnano Olona, tel: (0331) 619641, Tuesday
to Saturday, 8:30-12:30 and 15-19

Best known for their waffle-weave cotton bathrobes which come with a 70%
discount. This elegant outlet store sells household fabrics of their own
production and French imports. Seconds have good prices, as well as fabric
sold by the kilo.


Via Stazione 123, Mornago, tel: (0331) 900111 and Via Sfondrati 1, Somma
Lombardo, tel: (0331) 256521, Tuesday to Saturday, 9-12, 15-19:30

Wool blankets, bedspreads, quilts, end-of-season or slightly flawed. Example,
an alpaca blanket, second choice, for $70.

T&J Vestor

Via Roma 71/B, Golasecca, tel: 0331-958101, Tuesday to Saturday, 9-12:30,

Linens, rugs, bedspreads, and quilts, many designed by their inlaws the
Missonis, second choice, 40% discount.



Via XXVI April 62/64 , tel: 0161-5971

This factory outlet store sells seconds of Krupp and Sambonet stainless steel
flatware and silverplate. Also pots and pans and trays. Discounts up to 50%
off retail price.



Viale dell'Industria 126, Schio, tel: 0445-693356, Monday-Saturday 10:30-13,
14:30-18, Saturday morning only

Good wool blankets, second choice, at 40% discount. (Guida)


Strada Statale 246, Trissino, tel: (0445) 962300

Blankets and other home furnishings with up to 30% discount. Marzotto is one
of the oldest textile factories and manufacturers in Italy. Two of the
Marzotto brothers raced Ferraris back in the 1960s.



Via Bolzano 3, tel: (038) 668634

Sheets, towels, bedspreads etc. for the home.

VITERBO (North of Rome)

Diesel (Surplus Diesel)

Via Ponticello 34, (Molvena), tel: (0424)411811

Is for the young and young-in-heart, lots of denim and thick-soled boots, a
large selection of items for around $60. Diesel is one of the hottest brands
for young people around the world.

Informations for factory outlets in Italy which provided by vistors


    - 2002/07/10  (Transportation for the outlets which near the sub-urban area of Florence)

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