From : Ricky
Date : 2000/04/01
Content :

Hello, do you know the shop in the homepage above??

it is a very good shop which sell so many many thing, including toys, daily product, electric product, CD , food, .... everythings.

and the most important point is the price is quite cheap. it is cheaper than other shop a lot, i always buy so many things there also! the location in shibuya is near ( opposite of ) the 100yen shop that you introduce in your homepage.

and the one in shinjuku is near the prince hotel. do you know? and you can check the address of the shop in their homepage, and the most interesting point is that shop's office hour, it is from 10am to 8 am, yes, 22 hours, so long. and so interesting!!! check it out!

about donki, the discount depends on the products, for the toys it is about 20% off of the model, and others is about 10% to 30% off, sometimes, it had some special price for some products, just half price, so i go there once a week to check !, and the most interesting point, is the CD, you know CD in japan is the common price, however this shop got 15% discount!
( and the tower record, just 3 minutes over there!) so i think it is the most interesting point! and the electric product about 10% off, food is almost the same!
( ha..ha.. this shop got some adult products also!)

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   - 2000/05/05 (Grandberry Mall)

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